Wire Management

As we all become more and more tethered to our electronic devices, wire management is a challenge most people face. I like the uncluttered look and use an electrician’s best
friend…zip ties to keep the wires in my home safe. My wife who also likes the uncluttered look isn’t a big fan of zip ties.
The best solution is to think ahead during new construction and build wire management into your home. If new construction isn’t in your plans, here are some new tools that
I’ve seen in my travels that may help solve your wire management woes.

Room and Board’s Cord Management Straps – $9.00 »
Cable Drop by Blue Lounge – $10.00
Everyone seems to want to mount their flat screen TV on a wall these days. Leaving the wires hanging down the wall is not part of the look you were going for. It can be an easy job to put a small hole in the drywall and the wires can be brought up to the right hide so as to be behind the TV.www.ctselectric.com can help you eliminate the hanging wires from your TV.
If you like an industrial style of decorating, conduits can hide the wires for you.
Cable Turtle by Pop Corn – GBP 5.90
This product helps to keep the cords from my phone untangled.
These next two products are available on TheGrommet.com Blue lounge by Sumo $11.95
Desktop Cord Organizers by Cord Buddy $14.95

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