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Standby generators provide backup power to your home and/or business in the event of a loss of power by your energy provider. The engine in a standby generator is connected to your natural gas or a propane line on your property.

Standby generators use an automatic transfer switch to automatically turn off and on, regardless of you being at home. This offers great peace of mind if you’re away from home when a power loss occurs. It means the sump pump will keep working even though you aren’t home. Selecting a standby generator for your home or business is simple.

Standby generators are rated by kilowatts, which basically measures the machine’s strength and endurance. There are three items to consider when purchasing the generator: the location, the budget and the size or strength of the unit.

Do you want your central air conditioner to work during a loss of power? If you want the air conditioner to work, you need a generator that is strong enough to run the A/C. Next we need to determine which appliances, switches and receptacles you want to work during the loss of power. Do you have medical equipment that needs to work 24/7? Do you have a home based business that requires your ability to work on the computer? All of these questions will determine what size generator you will need?

The location of the generator will determine which brand of generator will work best. Some generators exhaust out the front, while others exhaust out the side of the unit. The generator can’t be placed within 5′ of any windows or doors that are operational. At CTS Electric, we will determine which brand of generator will work best for your situation. CTS Electric represents 4 brands of standby generators.

The last factor to consider is your budget. Generators come in all different sizes to meet your needs and your budget.

CTS Electric will meet with you and provide a free written estimate. We will walk you through the process, submit the application to your township for permits, as well as give the township the drawings needed.

Once the generator is ordered it will take no more than 3 days for the installation.

How Many Watts Do You Need?

Use the chart below to determine your wattage requirements for a portable generator.


How loud is a Generator?

  • A generator running at full speed will produce 66-68dB decibels.
  • A generator does a 10 minute test run each week.
  • During a loss of power, a generator will run for as long as you are without utility power.
  • Listening to a standby generator power you home is quieter than a vacuum cleaner or a washing machine.