Baseboard Heater Replacement

It’s no secret that baseboard heaters cost a lot of money to operate. A 2,500 watt unit will usually cost you around 17 cents an hour! This means that running a baseboard heater all day to stay warm could cost you up to $4 dollars a day – or $122 dollars a month, just for one heater in one area of your house!


This low profile, wall mounted heater can be hard wired or plugged into a standard receptacle.  The 120v model uses 444 watts and costs 6.8 cents an hour to run in the Philadelphia area.  That is a significant savings of up to 50%!  It is cool to the touch and is safely mounted on the walls.  This unit has a built in thermostat with an easy on/off switch.  Other models running on 240v are also available.

We installed a unit in Gulph Mills, PA last Friday and the customer called the next day to say “I left it on all night. It is really nice and I love that it makes no noise. My TV room is finally warm!”

We will deliver and mount this unit in your home for $195.00! (call for geographic area) If you prefer to mount it yourself (so easy, as it comes with a template and you only need a screw driver) we will deliver it to you for $150.00.

Call our office today 610-363-2006 to place an order.