Eco Power T5

CTS Electric is committed to bringing you the latest in sustainable lighting options. Most effective green technology will return more dollars to your bottom line. When thinking about the economics of energy, consumers need to evaluate the existing lighting and the energy it consumes.

With a consistent increase in energy costs, there is a demand for cost effective alternatives. The outright replacement of existing lighting equipment is not the only option.

CTS Electric has successfully retrofitted a variety of spaces including a large pediatric practice, office buildings, school cafeteria, classrooms and more! These conversions end up saving 48-75% of the energy expenses for the owners.

As an installer of EcoPower Inc. products we provide the energy savings, quick installation and improved lighting quality that will meet your individual specific lighting needs.

Whether it is the T5 fluorescent technology or latest LED technology, we are committed to installing for you, the latest in energy conservation for your lighting system.

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