Cold Weather Energy Saving Tips

Follow these simple tips to stay warm this winter while saving energy and money:

  1. Cold-Weather-Energy-Saving-TipsSet your thermostat at 68° during the day and 60° at night.  You can save 3% on your heating costs for every degree you reduce the temperature below 70° for the entire heating season.
  2. Install a programmable thermostat to manage the temperature control for you.
  3. Have a qualified professional tune up on your furnace and heat pump.  Inspect flues and chimney for efficiency and safety.
  4. Change filters once a month on your furnace and heat pump.  This will save you money while maintaining the comfort level of your home.
  5. Insulate and seal duct work that runs through unheated attics, basements or crawl spaces.
  6. Raise your blinds on cold days to let warm sunlight in.

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