Are your appliances costing you more money than necessary?

Did you know that if you refrigerator or washing machine is more than 10 yrs old, you’re likely spending more on the electricity than you need to! Ten years can be the general rule of thumb or guideline for replacing all of your household appliances. After 10 years of life, the appliance becomes less efficient from an energy perspective and they’re also not operating at peak efficiency, so that may be costing you in the repair area. Appliances manufactured today are done so with higher energy saving standards.

ENERGY STAR® is the trusted, national symbol for energy efficiency. Check your appliances and be sure you own ENERGY STAR® appliances. If not, it may be time to consider an upgrade. You can see on average 20-30% less energy consumption by transitioning your appliances to ENERGY STAR® models. That will lower your monthly utility bill.

If you’d like to see the approximate energy savings by appliance, let me know and I will share the data with you. Here is a link for rebates and special offers that may be provided for ENERGY STAR® appliances.

Another tool to help you evaluate about upgrading your refrigerator over 10 years of age, has been designed by Stanford University. It’s called the appliance calculator. You enter data about the refrigerator you have today vs. the one you are planning to purchase. You can see the annual energy savings by appliance. At this time, the tool only provides data about refrigerators.

Some appliances, such as oven, dryers now come with a 4 wire plug. That is because in the old days appliances didn’t need to have 4th wire or a neutral. 3 wire plugs are old and outdated. The fourth pin is the neutral. If you are purchasing a new oven or dryer and the outlet is a 3 pronged outlet, we can covert it for you. It is a simple process and in most situations it can be done in less than 1 hour.

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