Holy Nativity Memorial Episcopal Church in Rockledge, PA

We recently completed a large project at Holy Nativity Memorial Episcopal Church in Rockledge, PA. (Rockledge is just outside of Philadelphia city limits)

What a beautiful church!

The project included the restoration of the walls and ceilings of this 120 year old church by a group of amazing painters. Our role in the restoration was to replace and rewire the ceiling fans. The objective was to provide fans that blended in with the varnished ceiling and these fans also needed to move in a forward and reverse direction. The fans also have speed controls. These fans provide all the air movement needed in a granite building to keep it cool during the summer months.

We also relamped close to 200 lamps with energy efficient CFL and LED lamps. We’ve come to know, the conversion of all lamps to CFL or LED from the incandescent lamps will provide enormous energy savings as well as maintenance costs for the community at Holy Nativity.

This was a terrific project for us.  The final product is terrific!  Check our Facebook page for photos of this project.

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