Does My Bathroom Fan Need to Make SOOO MUCH Noise?

Bathrooms need exhaust fans to draw the moisture out of the room. The exhaust fan prevents the growth of mold, mildew and the lingering of the unpleasant smells (you know what I am talking about?).

Most bathrooms are equipped with a fan but the fan needs to be turned on to be effective. If you’re like my family members the fans are loud and annoying so they tend to turn it on sparingly, if at all. People don’t like the noise that comes from an exhaust fan. If they turn on the fan, it is not usually running for the 20 minutes it needs to exhaust the moisture after a shower/bath.

There are two manufacturers that provide a great fan and the noise level is typically less than 0.3 sones. To give you some perspective on the noise or sones, an oven range vent hood generates between 4 sones on High speed or 2 sones on low speed. So .3 is really quiet!

Here is the special….. a supplier I buy the fans from is offering them at a 30% discount through Monday, August 19, 2013. The size of the fan depends on the size of your bathroom/powder room. I’ll charge $100 to install the fan. These fans come with an Energy Star Savings rating.

So if you’re looking for some peace and quiet in the bathroom, email me the measurements of your bath and I’ll price the new fan and installation for you.

You might be like my family; they don’t like the noise the fan makes. I’ve ordered the quietest one and will install it in our bathroom. I’m hoping they’ll use it regularly.

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